Humanity First Indonesia mobilises its Disaster Relief team from Jakarta and Gorontalo


Publish: October 4, 2018

On the 28th of September 2018 an Earthquake with a Magnitude of 7.5 hit the Sulawesi Province in Indonesia.

Current reports as of 3rd October indicate:

  • 1407 Dead
  • Over 2,549 injured
  • 113 Missing persons
  • There are currently over 70,821 evacuees being housed in 141 evacuation sites
  • In addition, around 65,733 houses have been damaged.

(Source BNPB, National Disaster Management Authority Indonesia)
Note that these figures may increase in due course as assessment continues.

People have spent a further night with no food, access to clean water and a potential for the outbreak of waterborne diseases and experienced 359 aftershocks since Friday, adding concerns to the psychological impact of this devastating Earthquake.

Satellite images show the devastation it has caused to the Balaroa and Petobo neighbourhoods in the city of Palu, with whole sections of villages disappearing.

Humanity First Indonesia are working closely with the local authorities and adapting their access and response as per the local constraints.

Currently the HF Jakarata team plans have changed due to the Palu airport situation being very fluid and unpredictable.

A 6 person team is now due to arrive in Gorontalo (380 miles North East of Palu) where they will be accompanied by 6 local HF members. The team of 12 will then drive to Palu. Once the team arrives in Palu, they will join the local Palu HF members who have already set up an initial small kitchen in a remote village using locally sourced food items and personal farm products.

Note most of the Humanity First volunteer staff serving the victims have themselves been victims of the disaster.

Convoys of fuel tankers are now also slowly getting to Palu There is intermittent power in Palu allowing the team to charge their phones to maintain communication with Jakarata.

The situation for tens of thousands of people including children remains extremely precarious in the days ahead. The victims in Palu, Donggala and other affected areas in Sulawesi need urgent help. Many have lost their loved ones, homes and neighbourhoods.

Humanity First has launched an urgent appeal to help the people of Indonesia.
Please donate generously using the following Donate Now button.

Data Reference: AHA Centre, BNPB Indonesia, UNICEF, AFP, AP.

Humanity First Responding to Indonesian Tsunami

An Earthquake and Tsunami in Indonesia have hit the island of Sulawesi affecting the cities of Palu and Donggala, and many other remote villages. More than 150   aftershocks followed the 7.4 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami   which hit Sulawesi on Friday, causing thousands of homes, hotels, shopping   malls and several places of worship to collapse. So far, almost 850 deaths are   recorded in the city of Palu and Donggala.

What Humanity First is doing?
Humanity First immediately started collaborating with local Humanity First volunteers on the island of Sulawesi to assess the situation.  Despite limited resources on the island, our team has started providing medical aid and emergency relief to the local communities. Due to logistical limitations on the island at this time, Humanity First is coordinating  with authorities to send more personnel and relief supplies to the island.  Disaster relief mission of Humanity First Indonesia is being supported by all Humanity First countries from around the world
How you can help?

Your financial contributions towards our ‘Disaster Relief Fund’ will enable us to serve the people of Indonesia in these difficult times. You can donate  online HERE and select ‘Disaster Relief’ in the drop down menu. Or, mail your checks directly to:

Humanity First Canada, 

600 Bowes Road Unit 40, Concord Ontario, L6A 2Z7

Raise Awareness:
Do your part by spreading the word about Humanity First disaster  response and human development efforts in the Canada and globally. It is as simple as spreading the word in your  circle of family and friends; visiting Humanity First website for updates, changing your Facebook status; ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ our Facebook updates; following @HUMANITYFIRST on Twitter and retweet our updates.

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