The holy month of Ramadan starts on April 14. By fasting for over 14 hours a day for the next 30 days, Muslims around the world get a small taste of ‘hunger’ – a glimpse of the suffering endured by millions of starving fellow human beings.

However, there is one stark difference – millions of starving people do not have the luxury of having even one meal every day. They have no choice but to rely on the generosity of others.

To mark the beginning of Ramadan – a month of charity, we are urging you to donate generously to Humanity First. If everyone receiving this message donates at least the cost of one meal for the next 30 days, it will enable Humanity First to provide relief to thousands of families by putting food on their table.

We invite our donors and supporters from all faiths to experience a day of fasting or just skip a meal and donate the small amount saved, to feed families suffering from hunger in Canada.

We all belong to humanity – Together we can make a difference


The purpose of fasting in Islam is to self-clean and discipline oneself to become a better human being. Fasting gives the experience of how hunger feels. The month of Ramadan is also called the month of charity. Muslims not only abstain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset but also gives alms and charity to help the poor and needy.

If a Muslim is not able to fast for health or any other reason, then they are expected to feed the hungry instead of fasting. Fidya (a charity) is an expiation for inability to fast or even if you are fasting you can still feed a hungry person as an act of kindness.

We invite people from all faith to experience fasting by skipping a meal or two and donate the money saved to Humanity First to feed a hungry person.


Sadqa means money (or goods) voluntarily given to the poor to win Allah’s pleasure. It must be given out of one’s lawfully earned wealth and its receivers should by no means be put under any obligation or reproach. Giving Sadqa is particularly significant because it goes directly to those in dire need.