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India is experiencing a deadly wave of coronavirus where the country’s healthcare system has completely collapsed due to the pandemic. More than 23 million people are affected and over 254,000 people have died due to COVID19 in India. The loss of life is tragic and catastrophic — with nearly two deaths every minute.

People desperate for medical care are struggling to pay for oxygen and medication. The poor who are unable to work, travel, or afford food and health care are suffering the most.

Growing exponentially every day, this recent wave of COVID19 outbreak is recording the highest count of new cases, more than any other country throughout the entire pandemic. The new surge in COVID19 cases is also seeing more young people including children fall ill.

Living in crowded areas without sanitation and using shared toilets and water points, they are most vulnerable to COVID19.

We urgently need your support. Your donation will help Humanity First to assist poor communities and essential workers in the most affected parts of India. Our local teams on the ground are already assisting people according to the local needs. 

The people of India need our support! The true spirit of Humanity is about bringing comfort and happiness to someone’s life.

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